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A Sample Pack of Soap


Not sure what to pick? Want to try the newest fragrances or like a certain style of fragrance? Or maybe you want a variety and like the idea of a surprise. My soap sample pack will give you an option the smell before you buy and test out the soap. Samples are good for approximately 4-6 washes.


For $5.00 you can get 15 samples of my soap and figure out what your favorite fragrances are. Shipping is included with the $5.00 price. You will also get a coupon code for $5.00 off on your next order.

Options for samples (Do not use Code for Shipping as you get your money back on your next order):

Random - 15 samples of fragrances

Fruit or Food- 15 different fragrances

Earthy - 15 different fragrances

Masculine - 15 different fragrances

Unisex or fresh - 15 different fragrances

Floral and Herbal - 15 different fragrances


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